PM Commons

Available technology in the PFMS Commons

The PFMS Commons has the following availabilities:

  • One Wireless Handheld Microphone

  • Two wired microphones

  • A projector

  • A projection screen

  • Ability to play music from a phone/tablet/iPod etc...

Using the Microphones

  1. Power on/off microphone (power switch located on bottom of mic) 

  2. Power on the microphone receiver inside the cabinet 

  3. Adjust microphone volume using the "GAIN" knob on the mixer labeled "WIRELESS MIC

  • First wired microphone is located in the cabinet. Plug it into an open channel if needed. 

  • Second wired microphone operates independently of the media cabinet system. It is always in the microphone stand next to the cabinet - volume cannot be adjusted for this mic. Its volume is preset. 

Playing music in the Commons

  • Play music by plugging the cable located in the cabinet into the headphone jack of any device. 

  • Adjust the volume of the music by turning the GAIN knob on the channel of the mixer labeled LUNCH MUSIC

Using the Screen

  • Use the white switch inside the Media Cabinet to lower/raise the projector screen

Please return screen to original position when you are finished

Using the Projector

  1. The projector can be powered on using the remote control marked "projector" at the bottom 

  2. Select your source by pushing "Computer" on the top of the remote control (located under the power button)

  3. Plug the VGA cable located inside the cabinet into your laptop 

  4. Plug the audio portion of the VGA cable into the headphone port of your laptop if your presentation requires sound