Developer Wipe Unresponsive Chromebook


All associated apps are not populating / synced settings not setting up correctly for user account


Chromebook needs to be Developer Wiped and Re-Enrolled (may auto-enroll)

Developer Wipe Chromebook (auto-enroll)

See below for key locations on both Chromebook models SCASD uses

  1. Press and hold ESC + Refresh Arrow + Power to boot Chromebook to Recovery Mode

  2. Press Ctrl + D to turn off OS verification

  3. When prompted to turn OS verification off, press Enter

  4. At the OS verification is OFF screen, press the Spacebar

  5. Press Enter to confirm that you wish to turn OS verification on.

  6. OS verification is back on and Chromebook reboots automatically

  7. The Welcome screen will be displayed. Press Let’s Go

  8. Select your network from the list; Enter password; click Next

    1. Within SCASD network, select SCASD (no password)

  9. Click Accept and Continue

  10. The Chromebook will go through an Enterprise Enrollment process automatically - click Done when the process has completed

  11. Sign into Chromebook normally

Year 16 / 17 / 18 (non-touch) Chromebooks

Year 18 / 19 / 20 Chromebooks

If Chromebook does NOT enroll automatically

If you do not see something that says Enrolled in under where the screen says Sign In, then the Chromebook will need manually enrolled - do this with the below steps:

  1. On the Chromebook keyboard, simultaneously click CTRL + ALT + E

  2. Enter your full scasd email address

    1. Click Enter

  3. Enter your full scasd email address password

    1. Click Enter

  4. The device will not say Enrollment Successful

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services