How to update macOS

There are a few options when updating your computer to a newer OS. This process can take a few hours to complete and the computer needs to be plugged into a power source before starting the update.

SCASD IT recommends backing up (Google Drive, External HD) important files in case something happens during the update process. 


Updating from System Preferences

  1. Mac OS Software Updates are located in System Preferences → Software Update

  2. Click Upgrade Now to start downloading latest OS

Update from Mac App Store (10.13 and older)

  1. Open Finder then click Applications → App Store


  2. Click Updates in the top menu to run Current OS Updates 

  3. To upgrade  to a newer OS find the OS in the App Store and click download

    1. Click install when the download is finished 

IT Services will first evaluate newer OS's when they release. Refrain from updating at initial release to avoid issues.
Upgrading to the latest release may cause legacy applications (FileMaker, Planbook, etc) to stop functioning.

Please check with IT Services before upgrading.

Please note that there are software updates from 3rd party vendors that are often available via the App Store.  Examples: Slack, Remote Desktop, Pages, Keynote, etc.  Also Microsoft Office has a seperate update system which is accessed through the help menus of Microsoft Office products 

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services