Using the GoGuardian Parent App

The State College Area School District has been utilizing GoGuardian this school year for web filtering and many families have taken advantage of the new optional Parent App to review their students' online activities along with other optional features which allow you to:

  • Get a Summary of their Online Habits

  • Review Browsing History

  • Filter Websites

  • Set Time Limits

Note: The settings in the GoGuardian Parent App only apply AFTER school hours, the settings DO NOT take effect during the school day.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Download the app

iPhone: Visit the Apple App Store, search for GoGuardian Parent App, and tap the Get button.

Android: Visit the Google Play Store, search for GoGuardian Parent App, and tap the Install button.

2. Register your account

After the app is successfully downloaded and installed, open it and enter the email address registered with the school. If you forgot your registered email address, please reach out to

Login/Check Email: Check your email on your phone/tablet for a link to log in to the app. Tap the "Verify your email" button, and it will take you straight to the app. You will need to do this on the device you intend to use with the app.

(Note: If you don't have access to your email through the device you used to log in, tap on "Login with verification code", and copy and paste the verification code from the email into the app.)

3. Open the GoGuardian Parent App (if it has not done so automatically)

Once you’ve opened the app, please click on the topics below to learn about its features:

Here you can select your student and get a summary of how they are spending their time online across multiple time periods.

Here you can see, in near real-time, the sites that your student has accessed and you can open the links by clicking on them.


This feature allows you to block access to specific websites. Here’s how:

  1. Click the ‘Add Website’ button

2. Enter the URL of a website to block

3. Click ‘Create’

This feature allows you to schedule times to block access to the internet. Here’s how:

  1. Click ‘Add Schedule’

2. Enter Start Time/End Time and Day(s)

3. Click 'Create

4. You can also create additional schedules

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services