Capturing Images to SD Card


Click the heading below that corresponds to the model Document Camera that you have

Taking a Picture

The camera button on the document camera does two things:

  1. You can freeze your image by pushing the camera button (located above the Focus button) quickly. You will see the word "Freeze" appear in the upper right corner of the screen. To unfreeze, push the camera button again.

  2. You can take a picture by pushing the camera button down and holding it until you see a camera icon appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

Refer to How to Record on a Document Camera and follow the instructions regarding still image capture

In order for your laptop to recognize the document camera as the location of your images, you must change a setting on the document camera. You only have to change these settings once:

  1. Using the remote, click on the Menu button.

  2. Choose Function

  3. Choose USB mode

  4. Change the setting to Mass Storage and click on Enter

  5. Click on the Menu button to exit the menu settings.

Connect your laptop to the document camera using the USB cable provided. The document camera must be turned on. iPhoto should automatically launch to allow you to add the images to your iPhoto library. You can also drag images directly to your desktop by opening the icon that looks like a drive. This icon is located on your desktop. Make sure that correctly eject the document camera by using the eject button in iPhoto next to the name of the document camera ("Epson") or by dragging the Epson icon to the trash. Physically disconnect your laptop from the camera and store the cable.


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services