Remote Learning - Document Camera

Before starting, make sure you have the USB-A to USB-B cable. This cable can typically be found on your home printer, however, if you do not have the cable, please reach out to IT Services and we will provide you with one.


  1. Make sure the power cable is connected to the back of the document camera and plug the power cable into an outlet. 

  2. To connect the USB-A to USB-B cable to your computer, plug the USB-B end (square end) into the back of the document camera, and plug the USB-A end (rectangular end) into the computer or dongle. 

    1. If you don't have the USB-A port on your computer and require a dongle, plug in the USB-A end (rectangular end) to the dongle and connect the dongle to the computer. 

  3. Press the power button on the document camera to power it on. 

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services