Please be sure to change your building number accordingly.


Please be sure to change your building number accordingly.

Students that qualify for Champs need to have the programs on the main page and the course Title 1 (appropriate grade) added to their schedules.  If Champs appears under the program please click on the program and verify that it indi

cates this school year as seen in the next screen shot.  If either the class or the program doesn’t appear you will need to add this to the student in the appropriate areas.  Make sure you are changing the date.  If the student was in Title 1 last year it will still show under the programs, just make sure that it has an end date for last year.

Once you click on the Champs program this is how it should look.  The date of this school year and the value must be checked. 

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services

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