The Inbox will contain the DocHub Form Fills or Sign Requests that you have received from others or have created on your own. In this section, you will find documents that are awaiting your signature.


The Sent option in the Dashboard contains Sign Requests that have been sent out and allows you to see and manage the status of the requests.


Documents allows you to annotate, edit, and sign any documents that have been imported. You can also share and send documents that you have received without printing or scanning.


Templates will allow you to create reusable forms and distribute forms in bulk. This section will allow you to share the URL of a DocHub Template to a group and each individual can create and fill their own copy.


The Public section allows you to distribute a public document in bulk via a link. This also allows users to access documents without having to worry about native browser compatibility.

Fax Inbox

At this time, SCASD will not be implementing the Fax Inbox feature, so you will not need to use this section of the dashboard.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services

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