How to Accept the Online Update form 

  1. Through your eSchool account

  2. Click on Registration Folder

  3. Click on Enrollment Application Forms

  4. Select your building from the list, select UPDATE FORM (screenshot below)

  5. Once you have a list of students, you will have several options.

    1. If the accept button is available to click, this means there were no changes and just click accept

  6. Click on edit to view what changes the parent have made. When viewing the form, highlighted information is what has been changed

  7. Parents are limited to what they can request to be changed on the form

    1. Parents can input a new address but will still need to provide a new proof of residency before you can accept the form

    2. Parents can put in a new email address, if you accept the form, make note of the student’s id number as you will have to return to eschool and input this

    3. Email address in another location. These directions are located at the end of this document.

    4. If a parent has requested to delete a guardian the form can only be accepted if the parent is deceased and you have knowledge or that parent has lost rights to the child which requires court documentation.

      1. This can be undone before accepting the form by clicking on the edit button beside that guardian

  8. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen

  9. When you are taken back to guardian list you will see the delete status gone

  10. Some guardians are marking themselves as guardians and emergency contacts, uncheck the emergency contact button

  11. Emergency contacts can be changed

    1. If under edit/view you see a match just ignore if it is for an emergency contact type

  12. Once you have reviewed the changes click ACCEPT

  13. If you have questions about a form just skip and move onto the next form or contact with questions

  14. Once you ACCEPT the form the parents will receive an email letting them know the form was accepted

Under NO circumstances do you click DENY this will delete the form out of the system and make parents very angry

Entering Parent/Guardian Email addresses

I have accepted an update form and need to change parent’s email address:

  1. If you accepted the form the email address off the update form has been entered into the guardian screen, general tab, email address

  2. Copy the email address located on the screen and paste into the login id box located directly below this screen

  3. To copy out of eschool you will need to right click your mouse or you may type in new email

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services

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