This guide describes how Employees, who bring their own Non-District device to school, can connect that device to the SCASD network.

Step 1: Pick the steps here for your device

Pick the steps here for your device

  1. Open System Preferences → Network

  2. Turn Wifi On 

  3. Connect to SCASD

  1. Open Settings app → WiFi 

  2. Connect to SCASD

  1. Click the Network icon on bottom right of screen

  2. Connect to SCASD

  1. Open Settings app → Connections → WiFi

  2. Connect to SCASD

Step 2: After getting connected to SCASD

  1. Open your device's browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) and authenticate with your UserID and password

  2. Authentication not working
    If an Authentication window does not appear automatically, please type in a non-secure web address like

    1. Once the Login page appears please enter your userID and password (only the first part of the userID. Example: abc12)

Connection will expire after 12 hours. At that time please repeat the previous steps to re-authenticate 

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services

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