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Grade 4 testing: timed - 3 separate sections (verbal - ten minutes total, quantitative - ten minutes total, and nonverbal - ten minutes total) 

Estimated administration time from start to finish 45 - 60 minutes includes practice questions. 

titlePrior to testing day

On your day of testing, you will need:

  1. Chromebooks for each student

    1. IT has pushed out the testing HMH DATAMANAGER app to all student chromebooks on the kiosk (same location as MAP)

  2. Headphones for each student

  3. Scrap paper/pencils

  4. Dividers if students cannot be spaced out

  5. Extra chromebooks available for battery or tech issues (Each school library has a set of 15 spare Chromebooks that can be borrowed if a problem exists)

  6. Teacher Laptop

  7. Student ID numbers if students don’t know them

  8. Getting Started Session Link, Computer and Projector

titleBefore Testing: Setting up your Testing Session

Before Testing: Setting up your Testing session


  1. If you were a test administrator last school year, your account is already active. Use your SCASD email address to log in or click “forgot your password.”

  2. New test administrators should contact their Gifted Support teacher to obtain access

  3. Having trouble? Contact Jonathan at or 231-1054

  4. Log in using your credentials (scasd email address) and your new password 

  5. You will create 1 testing session for your class: “Verbal”

  6. The computer will generate the other 2 sessions

  7. Select through test event (Fall 2019 Universal Screening), grade (4), test group (CogAT Screening Form 7), level (10), Battery (Verbal), Test Admin Type (Audio-English)

    Please DO NOT set up a session for “Getting Started” as you will show to the video instead

  8. Please use the following naming convention for the session:

  9. For example: Radio Park Grade 4 Teacher Name Verbal

  10. Click “Create Session” and view the session code 

Make note of the Session Code for “Verbal” that you created and write it on the board. You will need to have your students enter this on their computers in order to begin testing.

titleBegin Testing

As a class, watch the “Getting Started” video by clicking here (Grade 4). 

  1. Click on the Verbal session name you created to begin the test.

  2. When it’s time for students to begin, have all students open their chromebooks. In order to access the kiosk, students must be signed out. From the login screen, click APPS, and click RIVERSIDE DATAMANAGER, and then click TAKE A TEST 

  3. Students will enter their ID number plus the session code from above.

  4. On your proctor screen using you will see the students load as they log in. 

  5. Ask students to put on their headphones. Once all are logged in and visible on your screen, click “Approve All.” Testing will begin immediately after you click “Approve All” with directions from the computer. 

  6. For grade 4, 

    1. 3 sessions - timed: 3 ten minute sessions.

    2. If students finish early, they may draw on the provided screen app until the class is ready to begin the next subtest.

    3. When all students are done with a session, click “Continue Testing All.” This will create the session for the next subtest and begin testing students immediately. 

    4. When all subtests are completed (verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal), click “End Testing All”

titleFrequently Asked Questions?
  1. If I click end testing all, “what happens?”

    1. It will end all testing and students will be exited from the system. You will be prompted that this will occur. If you just need to pause all and return, the option to do that is also there. 

  2. What about those needing accommodations?

    1. Because of this being a universal screening tool, there are no accommodations.

  3. What if a student’s behavior disrupts the testing for the whole class?

    1. Click “Pause All”. A confirmation dialog box appears in the student view. Instruct students to click or tap “OK”. Remove the source of the problem and then click “Resume All.”

  4. What if I need to pause a single student’s test?

    1. On the session tab, click on the green PAUSE button in the row of the student’s name. Click the Play button when ready to continue in that same row. 

  5. What about ELL (English Language Learners)?

    1. The purpose of using testing accommodations with English language learners is to reduce the impact that their limited experience with English has on the measurement of their reasoning abilities. The CogAT Screening Form was designed to be accessible to English language learners. Although language is used in all of the subtest directions, it is not used in the actual subtest questions.

  6. Can I access DataManager now?

    1. Yes. Your account is live now and you can log in. 

titleAdditional Resources

Proctor Guide: 4th Grade

Training Videos:
Proctor Student-Paced Video:
Creating Test Sessions Video:
Additional Training Videos:
Additional Training Documents:


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services

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