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MTSS Workflow

Viewing Observations for Students

  1. Once logged into Synergy, navigate too Synergy SIS > MTSS > MTSS Workflow

  2. The MTSS Workflow dashboard will load and show results based off of your Focus (left side drop-down menu)

  3. To add an MTSS Observation, click the + icon on the right-hand side

  1. Once logged Synergy, navigate too Synergy SIS > Student > Student Search

  2. Next, be sure your Synergy Focus is set to a specific building (if it’s not Synergy will ask you to do so)

  3. If there is already a student profile displaying, click Choose a student in the top-right

  4. The search screen will popup and allow you to begin searching for students individually

  5. To find a student quickly (instead of scrolling), click the the Search… box

  6. For this guide, we are using George NotReal Test as the student

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  7. Once the student is selected, to view Observations scroll down to the bottom of the MTSS tab, Observations are one of the last items displayed

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If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services