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Immunizations Grid

Dosage Data Grid

Setting Exemptions Grid

  • To begin, first make sure you have a student selected and their student health record showing

  • Click the Immunizations tab

  • When in the Immunizations tab, you will see the current students immunizations in the Immunizations Grid Summary

  • To Show Detail about the immunizations, click on the Row Number then the Show Detail button

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  • To hide the more in-depth info, click the Hide Detail button (where the Show Detail button was)

  • This will allow any overrides for compliancies if there should be any for this student

  • The date must be entered using the Dosage Date Grid below the Immunizations Grid

  • Below the Immunizations Grid Summary, the Dosage Dates Grid are displayed

  • The Dosage Data Grid shows which Immunizations they have received and when they have received them - Should there be an update to one of the Immunization dates, this is where it can be updated or more dates added but clicking in the desired cell and choosing the date, or by typing in the dating using the keyboard with 6 or 8 digit combinations (01021990 / 010290) - tab over to next cell to verify your entry

  • Always remember to click the green Save button at the top when finished

  • To begin entering Exemptions and Compliances, find this grid below the Dosage Data grid and click the dropdown arrow

  • Only do this if you want to make ALL immunizations excempt for the student

  • If this is done, and NOT ALL IMMUNIZATIONS ARE EXEMPT, you will need to go to each Immunization in the Immunizations Grid at the top of the screen and fix the record.

  • After filling out the Exemptions and Compliancies, enter a brief comment - if this exemption applies to the students entire school life, you will need to click the Compliance checkbox, select the Confirm checkbox then click the green Save button at the very top of the screen

    • The system will then reflect this change and display that the student will not receive any immunizations for the rest of their school life

    • Doing this will cause the system to update the students entire Immunizations record in the Immunizations Grid

    • To exempt individual immunizations from a student, use then Immunizations Grid

Immunizations Record Data

Additional Vaccination Information

  • The Immunization Record Data is mostly used by the state of California, however all states may use this to document more info. if needed

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  • The checkbox inside the Additional Vaccination Info. Grid is only used for Arizona students / parents if the parents can recall if their student having Chicken Pox while in childcare / school before 9/1/11


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