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  1. Log into IT Central with your SCASD account information.

  2. Once logged in, select User profile.

  3. Above your picture, there will be tabs that you can select. Select the Phone Routing tab. 

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  4. If you do not have a phone extension listed, please select Yes beside Request extension. If you do have one listed, please proceed to the next step. 

  5. Now look at the phone in your room and use the right-pointing silver arrow key on it to go to the Info screen

    1. Scroll down until you see the Phone: section. This is where the 4 digit extension for the classroom phone is listed


  1. Choose how you would like your extension routed.

    1. To set your phone to go straight to voicemail and have a transcribed message come through to your email, select Set to voicemail

    2. To forward your calls to a personal number, enter your phone number into the Forward to external box, then click 'Save'. 

    3. To forward calls to your classroom extension, select your building in the drop-down menu, and then select your room number.